Our blood is amazing. It contains natural defenders called antibodies that identify and target viruses, bacteria and diseases that cause us harm. When you recover from COVID-19, your blood still contains these COVID-19-targeted antibodies, which doctors need for hospitalized patients who are fighting the virus. Because… Read More

MSM Deferral

Explaining the MSM Deferral The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for determining donor eligibility requirements. Blood Bank of Hawaii strictly adheres to FDA regulations. The FDA requires all blood centers to question donors about activities that are associated with an increased risk of exposure to infectious agents. Men… Read More

Tough Enough

With the unique ability to save people with other blood types, we need O donors to come to the rescue of emergency, trauma and infant patients at 18 hospitals across our state. O blood can make the difference between life and death. O-negative blood is accepted by everyone, and… Read More