Our blood is amazing. It contains natural defenders called antibodies that identify and target viruses, bacteria and diseases that cause us harm. When you recover from COVID-19, your blood still contains these COVID-19-targeted antibodies, which doctors need for hospitalized patients who are fighting the virus. Because… Read More

MSM Deferral

Explaining the MSM Deferral The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for determining donor eligibility requirements. Blood Bank of Hawaii strictly adheres to FDA regulations. The FDA requires all blood centers to question donors about activities that are associated with an increased risk of exposure to infectious agents. Men… Read More

Tough Enough

With the unique ability to save people with other blood types, we need O donors to come to the rescue of emergency, trauma and infant patients at 18 hospitals across our state. O blood can make the difference between life and death. O-negative blood is accepted by everyone, and… Read More

Convalescent Plasma (CCP)

Convalescent Plasma (CCP)

Blood Bank of Hawaii (BBH) has convened a coalition to implement a statewide COVID-19 convalescent plasma (CCP) program to treat severely ill patients, hospitalized with the coronavirus. Read More

Donor Dustin

“People always ask me ‘What drives you to donate?’ Growing up, my Grandma would always say ‘Boy, if someone needs help, help them. Even if you don’t know them, help them. Because it’s the right thing do.’ This philosophy has been instilled in me since I was a child. My… Read More

Donor Susie

For Susie Lee, mother of two daughters and a retired nurse, giving comes naturally. She has given blood for 45 years and even donated a kidney to her husband’s cousin. When asked about her motivations, Susie had two very personal reasons: Danilo and Sakura. While the names are made up… Read More

Employee Raymond

“BBH offered an in-house training program and that really appealed to me. Once I got started and into the weeds a bit, I was blown away by the people I interacted with because donors were coming in with such selfless motivations. I am humbled every day to be a part… Read More

Employee Marc

“When I originally began working for the BBH, I was looking for work in an organization with a purpose I could get behind. I believe in the mission of the Blood Bank of Hawaii and the need it serves within our community. However, now that I’ve been here almost 15… Read More